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About DOMA

DOMA Technologies (DOMA), is a records management and outsourced record conversion services corporation serving the automation needs of the business and healthcare community throughout the United States. DOMA provides document management solutions for paper-intensive and transaction-oriented processes, using proven and secure internet-based technologies.

With over 20 years of experience in the records management industry, DOMA was founded for the purpose of developing internet-based document management systems along with providing a full range of records conversion services. These systems and services are used to automate the process of data capture, records and document retrieval, and extended electronic storage. In more and more organizations, processes that once were paper intensive are being replaced with more efficient electronic document processes.

DOMA provides its services to customers in order to help them recognize the benefits of this advanced document technology. As the science of information technology and implementation of document and records management applications become more complex, DOMA is increasingly called upon to act as an integrator of user ideas and advanced technology. These services include leading edge solutions for internet-based records storage, document imaging, scanning services, workflow design, and records management and production.

Today, through the DOMA Suite of Applications, business documents and records from diverse platforms can be intelligently and securely placed, stored, retrieved and archived in a single secure web repository. DOMA allows you to combine all of your documents and digital assets into one secure web repository. No longer will you need to go to several desktop applications, your file cabinet or a microfilm machine. All of your records can be stored simply and cost effectively via the DOMA Suite of Applications.

In addition, DOMA has the technical ability and expertise to aid the customer in using these tools to design and implement the best solution for their needs. DOMA will recommend to the customer the best method for record and document management and conversion services, taking into consideration the customer's specific needs. DOMA has qualified trained analysts and technicians on staff to handle all phases of the conversion and continued support.

Our mission is to provide the "HIGHEST QUALITY" and "BEST VALUE" in customer support and services, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies in software applications, hardware and communications.

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