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The DOMA Application is accessed via the World Wide Web with a workstation, an Internet connection, and Internet Explorer. Before using the application, the workstation, its operating software, and the Internet access connection must meet or exceed basic requirements found at Internet Requirements.

The DOMA Application is designed to use the Internet Explorer browser. A few configuration steps must be taken to ensure that the browser functions properly. You must have administrator rights on your computer to make some of these changes. On the main page of Internet Explorer, click Tools on the toolbar at the top of the screen. On the drop down menu, click Internet Options. Changes are necessary in the General and Security tabs. In addition, the Pop-up Blocker Settings need to be modified. On the Internet Options, General tab, do the following: Click the Settings button. Next, click the radio button "Every visit to the page". Click OK at the bottom of the box.


To modify the security settings for DOMA compatibility, select the Security tab and do the following: Click on the green Trusted Sites icon and then on the Sites button. Type or paste your DOMA URL including the “https:” header in the box and click Add. Next type https:// * in the trusted site and click Add. Click OK to exit the Tools box.

ConfigBrowser1.png ConfigBrowser2.png

Finally; click the Advanced tab on Options. Scroll to Use TLS 1.0. Click on the radio button. (The minimum requirements for viewing documents requires TLS 1.0+).


To modify the pop-up blocker settings for DOMA compatibility; click Tools on the Internet Explorer Toolbar. Click Pop-up Blocker, then Pop-up Blocker Settings. Add your DOMA URL address including the “https:” header to the list of Allowed Sites. Click Add, then Close.

Click OK to exit and then restart Internet Explorer.

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