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Task Administration Page


This page is only accessible from the Task Admin icon found on the search results grid. This page allows admins to view the status of user tasks assigned to this document or entity and to complete the tasks if need be.

Task Icon Options

  • Expiration Bar
    • The expiration bar is the first icon on the left and indicates the expiration status of the task. There are three options:
      • Green - The task is on time
      • Orange/Yellow - The task is about to expire within the day
      • Red - The task has expired (but is still workable)
  • Assigned/Unassigned Indicators
    • These two icons indicate if the task is currently assigned to a user. If the task is assigned to a user than both icons with become active and gain colors. The left most icon will show which user the task is assigned to if the user hovers over it. The right icon is used to unassign the task.
  • DIAL
    • Allows for the document to be opened in DIAL and the task to be worked on.
  • Edit Properties
    • Allows for the admin to edit the fields and complete the task.
  • DIA
    • Allows the admin to checkout the document and manipulate the image as well as complete the task.
  • Task History
    • Allows the admin to view the entire task history of the current document/entity. Admins can sort the history based on the columns by selecting them.

Task Information

  • Task
    • Denotes the task name that the document/entity is currently in.
  • Status
    • Depicts the current status of the document/entity in the task.
  • Assigned User
    • If the task is assigned this column will display the username and full name of the user that is currently assigned to the task.
  • QA User
    • If the task has been processed by a QA employee their username and full name will appear here.
  • Created Date
    • Displays the date and time that the task was created.

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